Friday, December 12, 2014

where can you get household led bulbs?

With home decoration heat rising, LED ceiling light styles is also changing, no longer confined to the former single lamp, but to diversify, absorb LED bulb both the chandelier luxury and style, adopt ceiling installation way to avoid the lower room cannot hold large luxury lighting defects. To give you a more comprehensive understanding of the ceiling light, today we give detail about ceiling light knowledge for buying reference. Common ceiling light 1. Ceiling light shapeAlthough there are many common ceiling light shape, the most common is round or square, then is more complex variety of bizarre crystal ceiling light.2. Ceiling light lampThe light tube used for ceiling light is mostly bending T5 tube which has many different specifications.3. Ceiling light power Ceiling light power has not clearly defined, the power of the MyLED discount code most commonly used are 10W, 16W, 21W, 28W, 32W, 38W, 40W and so on. Indoor LED lighting cost analysis According to the analysis, LED lighting efficiency is higher than traditional lighting; office desktop tested luminance reach 300lux, which meets national standards. High-power white LED light efficiency is 40lm / W, the MyLED coupons traditional incandescent light source efficiency is only 12 lm / W, and LED lighting efficiency is more than 1.5 times higher than traditional lamps. For initial investment, LED lamps total power is 9938 watts, to achieve the same lighting effect; traditional incandescent light sources need 32,000 watts total power. It is obvious that high-power LED lamps despite the spot exterieur initial investment cost is much higher than traditional lamps, but for five years use consumed cost has been lower than traditional lamps, and then the annual save 12,666 USD electricity and maintenance costs. Therefore, use high-power LED lighting in the room is significantly better than the traditional incandescent light sources. And because high-power LED use constant current drive, no flash, there are no eye fatigue under prolonged working environment.Due to the current high-power LED indoor lighting, LED light source portion LED light accounted for a very large proportion cost, thus reducing the LED light source lumen power unit cost is the key. myledgrowupanty 141210

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colored led bulbs from our site

The advantage of this solid-state light sources are: high LED light efficiency, low energy consumption, low operating voltage and relatively safe, there is no filament breakage and thus has long durable life, low maintaining prices, high-quality light output, only contain a small amount of ultraviolet and infrared light radiation and so on. It is predict that in 2020, compare to the existing LED bulb lighting technologies, solid-state light source produce the same light output, which can save energy 50%, which means that can reduce energy consumption, and therefore less air and water pollution. Inorganic LED light can provide high energy efficiency and long life in particular, but the manufacturing cost is too high, so as to be limited to special applications. OLED light is different with LED light source, it is very thin planar distributed light source, and can scale, large-area, low-cost manufacturing, which can develop new applications. According to a South Korean company UBI market survey report: OLED panel light performance in the next year will be close to LED. The report said that although in the 2015 OLED lighting market is still very small, its performance projecteur extérieur led will be close to the LED, UBI forecast that OLED panels next year will reach 100LM / W and 30,000 hours life. The report concluded that, the performance enhance will encourage the rapid growth of OLED lighting market, it is expected to reach $ 4.7 billion in 2020. But some lighting manufacturers think that OLED will not progress very rapidly. OSRAM OLED product team manager KarstenDiekmann, said: "Market research is a complex project, it is hard to say what the case will be after 5-10 years. Our key performance year was 2016, we expect to break 100lm / W obstacles and can be compared with the LED technology. This year at the Frankfurt, we show a 65lm / W OLED, which reached the same performance spot exterieur led compact fluorescent lamps, but unfortunately nobody interested in the performance levels of energy-saving lamps performance, the performance of the LED can show the real benchmark. myledgrowupanty 141104

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How could you know about the LED light?

Body - There's plastic and then there's metal. Plastic is decent enough and should last as long as your Cree LED emitter works, but it can produce static and thus attract dust. It will also scratch. If you will be using your hand torch in rough GU10 LED Bulb and ready situations, go for a solid, scratch-proof body. Lumens - A lumen is a standard measure of luminosity that a hand torch is capable of producing within a specific area or space. The higher the lumen figure, the brighter the torch is. Bins - The bins refer to the grading system LED Light used with Cree LED hand torches to measure brightness or lighting efficiency, tint and several other variables. To date, the highest standard is the Q5, followed by the R2 for the Cree brand. For Seoul, a good series to look for is the P4. If you prefer a certain tint in your lighting, you might also want to check out the related bin codes for this variable. Mode - The mode refers to the types of lighting that the LED Flashlight LED hand torch is capable of producing. Two-mode switches usually mean the torch can create high and low beams. A four-mode switch usually includes a high and low beam, a slow strobe and a fast strobe. Which mode you choose will depend on your foreseen use. anty881209wong 140409 At the present time, if you are thinking of any refurbishment or doing any interior decoration in your home, whether it is the kitchen, bathroom, or just changing the existing lighting in and around the house, an important point to Cree Q5 LED Flashlight be considered is the high energy bills with the old filament bulbs. Nowadays, if you want to save more energy in your daily lighting, you can do it by replacing your old incandescent or CFL bulb with the LED bulb. If you do not have many experiences on the installation of LED bulb, then the GU 10 LED bulb is the ideal choice for you. GU 10 LED bulbs are the modern, stable, G4 LED Bulb energy saving and eco friendly lighting technology in the market nowadays. These lights can be very durable and good replacement for halogen lights. It is an extremely power saving light than halogen also. It indicates that you are able to preserve the money not only on complementary products but also on electricity in an efficient manner. These lights can last more than a decade and help you to save much of your money spent on replacing lights.

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Links for Purchasing of LED light

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Exterior The production of outdoor LED electronic screen is mainly used oval LED lights; indoor LED electronic screen is mainly produced with surface-mount LED lights. Parameter According to the voltage, current, lens, LED lights working environment such as different factors, the brightness of the LED light is various. Red wavelength 620nm-625nm, Green Wavelength 520nm-525nm, Blue light wavelength 465nm-470nm. LED Spotlight: Features and Benefits: 1, utilize automatic packaging equipment, imports packaging technology, a life span of 50,000 hours (10 years); 2, using the most advanced secondary light distribution technology, the best optical distribution, lamp light output ratio is up to 90%; 3, with the Voltage regulator with drive, power factor is above 0.95, power efficiency is more than 92%; 4, lamp shell is made of aluminum alloy material of high thermal conductivity, with reasonable structure design, can be easily adjusted the projection angle, installed positioning holes on the base, extremely easy to install; 5, LED light colors: red, yellow, blue, green, white, single seven-color full-color, light angle at 15 ° ~ 120 ° is optional; 6, low power consumption, long life, easy installation, Elegant and unique, anti-dust, anti-leakage power, anti-corrosion; 7, elegant appearance, green, energy saving, environmental protection, under normal use -40 ℃ ~ 50 ℃ ambient temperature; LED lamps safety requirements With the energy-saving, environmental protection advantage, LED has become a major trend in the development of lighting industry. Due to the technical and product attributes used in LED is very different with the traditional lighting, therefore the existing safety standards for general lighting is clearly not applicable. To assist the industry to face this issue, in this issue, the LED lighting technology used, the scope of possible applications, and UL safety assessments are used will be explained.

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mini maglite led pro

This top choice boasts strobe and SOS mode, which come in handy when you decided to go Tom Hanks and end up on a random island. Plus, the LD12 is a smart little bugger – outfitted with an integrated intelligent memory brightest LED Flashlight circuit which both regulates beam power (to allow for steady light output) and memorizes which light output you last used…. LED torches do not have a regular bulb with filaments. Its bulb can last for a very long time without needing to be replaced because the filament burned out. Its bulb makes it easy to design a casing for the torch that is so strong that it cannot easily malfunction or be broken when it falls. Multifunctional LED Flashlight is a handheld spotlight foe your trip LED flashlights come in LED Torch waterproof features and can withstand shock. For this reason many campers prefer to bring LED flashlight because they do not have to worry about dropping the flashlight, unlike the ordinary flashlights wherein if you accidentally drop the flashlight it becomes useless because the bulbs broke in. When the cold winter is gone and the beautiful and warmer spring is coming back, more and more young guys are planning for their LED Flashlights new outdoor sport activities again. If you are one of them, then I believe the LED flashlight with long running time and bright lights is what you are looking for. This small thing is now very welcomed by the outdoor sport lovers. Whether it’s in your closet, next to your bed, in your tool bag, or on your belt, these are the lights you always want to have around. We’re talking high-powered, capable, and utilitarian lights that are no-frills and ready for when you need them most. I think the only words that can be G9 LED Bulb used to describe the Multifunctional LED Flashlight is “handheld spotlight”. The Multifunctional LED Flashlight boasts a spherical lens that focuses its beam upon a fine area. It’s truly a “you have to try one” type of product. But the features on this Dynamo torch don’t end with the beam. The Multifunctional LED Flashlight also allows great versatility when it comes to its batteries. This allows you to both increase the life of your Multifunctional LED Flashlight when it’s necessary and to make it smaller when it’s necessary. If you are planning E27 LED Bulb

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Rechargeable LED Flashlight option

One thing many consumers fail to take into account when buying LED flashlights is how much they will spend over the long run on replacement batteries. If you’re the kind of person who goes through batteries like there’s no tomorrow, it’s wise to use rechargeable batteries in your LED flashlight. Most flashlights that use regular AAA-D batteries can run on rechargeable batteries. For instance, if you regularly use a penlight at work, you can probably substitute rechargeable AAA batteries without noticing a major downgrade in LED flashlight performance.

With the more and more worldwide use of the LED light, many companies pay more attention to the LED products. There are many famous brands of rechargeable batteries for customers’ option. Even though the price of these major brands rechargeable batteries is a little expensive, the true is that user can avoid the trouble of frequent replacing.

Many major brands of batteries now offer a rechargeable option. Energizer, for instance, sells both rechargeable batteries and the rechargers needed to replenish spent batteries. Of course, shifting from disposable to rechargeable batteries will require a small upfront investment, in both the charger and the more expensive batteries. However, using rechargeable batteries can ultimately save you money since you can reuse the same batteries many times. Earth lovers would also point out that rechargeable batteries are the more sustainable option.

The negative part of using rechargeable batteries is that they sometimes fail to hold a charge as well as disposable batteries. If you need reliable, powerful, long-lasting light and you don’t mind buying new batteries regularly, disposable LED torch batteries are probably right for you – particularly if you’re heading out into the middle of nowhere and need your torch functioning at max capacity.  anty881209wong 140225

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Things on LED Shower Head

In nowadays, human beings enjoy more and more convenient life with the rapid development of the technology. Now, we will have a look at the LED shower head which is worldwide use in the bathroom because of its no electric power feature which means that people can enjoy the colorful light without any electric cost.

Temperature control in LED shower allows us to have a visual feedback of when the water is too hot or too cold. This saves us from stepping into scalding hot or icy water to test the water temperature. These are available for prices that are affordable to every person.

The prices start from $10 and can be easily be screwed on to the existing piping. Just unscrew the old one and screw on the new one. That's it. With these shower heads glowing in the dark you don't need to switch on the light. The effect in a dark room of softly glowing colored water is special and beautiful. It's a simple technology that is as green as it gets. It's fun thing to have in bathroom and is especially exciting for kids. By putting it in the bathroom you will make bath time fun and exciting for little ones.

There are tons of choices when it comes to these products. They come in different price ranges and various options. A rainfall shower head with LED bulbs scattered over its head may set you back by several thousand dollars. But, if you opt for the more reasonably priced under $50 dollar products you will get same functionality but lesser controls. There are color-changing, light fading and temperature indicating shower heads to choose from and you will find them at different price points.  anty881209wong 140210